RCMP Plan to Wreck Our Summers At Wreck Beach #wreckthercmp

“A woman charged with allegedly selling alcoholic “freezies” at the popular nudist hangout Wreck Beach is the first to face criminal charges in what police say is a crackdown on the open sale of liquor and drugs. Alana Thomson, 31, of Vancouver, had a court date this week to face 14 charges, including several counts of unlawfully selling, advertising and soliciting for orders of “frozen alcoholic beverages, commonly known as freezies,” according to court documents obtained by The Province.”

People posting internet comments have mainly been anger toward the priorities of the RCMP, Lorne Schnell commented:

“She’s a sweet girl, and I’m horrified that the police are charging her and neglecting, say, the string of sexual assaults right up the stairs. She was a part of Wreck culture.”

Brock Simmons writes, “Of course the RCMP still hasn’t caught the repeat sexual predator that was stalking the UBC campus but thank god they nailed the boozy freezy woman to the wall. I can sleep easy tonight.”

UBC RCMP pig Drew Grainger, “There is a lot of drugs and alcohol going on (at Wreck Beach),. “It’s been a challenge for this detachment for many years…… We would be naive to think that there isn’t going to continue to be the sale of drugs and alcohol.”

A challenge? No shit you dumb pig. People drink alcohol and do drugs in public and don’t really give a flying fuck if it’s against the law.  Wreck is one of the best places in the summer to relax,enjoy the sunshine, drinks and let loose. The RCMP swine go on to say that they will be stepping up police patrols in the summer to protect us. We don’t need your protection or want you on Wreck Beach.

RCMP Pig, “There’s going to be enhanced police patrols done there, I can guarantee that, throughout the summer months,” he said.

Its time to be smart and not let them ticket our harass us or anyone on the beach. It’s time for the cops to leave us alone and they can continue living a meaningless existence.