Police raid house in East Vancouver, with guns drawn, on pretext of anti-pipeline graffiti

Warrior Publications

No Pipelines Graffiti 2by Zig Zag, Warrior Publications, June 3, 2014

At around 9AM on June 3, 2014, approximately 16 cops from the Vancouver Police Department raided a house in East Vancouver under the pretext of investigating six mischief charges related to graffiti tags dating from June, July, and October of 2013. The four residents of the house, and one guest, were removed one by one by police aiming pistols at them. One person inside the house looked out their bedroom window and saw a cop pointing his pistol at him.

The house targeted by the raid is comprised of radicals involved in Indigenous resistance as well as anarchist projects in the city (including myself, the editor of the Warrior Publications wordpress site).

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Vancouver Mayday 2014 Confronts Pipelines and Pigs

Beat the Pipelines

For the 3rd year in a row anarchists held a Mayday rally in Vancouver, occupied Coast Salish territories. This time highlighting the urgency of the ant-pipelines struggle while celebratate the Unistoten resistance camp actively blockading 2 major LNG (Fracked Gas) pipeline projects (Kitimat (Chevron/Apache, fed by Pacific Trails Pipeline LNG Canada and the Enbridge pipeline.

The rally assembled at Victory Square, along with a large deployment of Public Safety Unit cops from the Vancouver police. As part of this deployment, the PSU also had two video surveillance operators filming and documenting the crowd. This strongly contrasted with the “official” organized labour Mayday celebration that occurred earlier in the day in East Vancouver, which saw a small police presence primarily focused on traffic control.

Dan Wallace, a Lekwektaich and Haida warrior, gave an inspiring speech on the need for boots on the ground , direct action and how he will and…

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Monthly Anti- Resource Extraction Anarchist Open Assemblies

Beat the Pipelines

May 18th Sunday 5:00pm 38 Blood Alley

An explicitly anarchist assembly highlighting the urgency on stopping the pipelines and LNG fracking. Folks from Beat The Pipelines will share their ideas as well as others the chance to share their current projects, skills and analysis to further the fight . Also ways to counter and fight repression. Anybody is welcome to attend, but it will run on anarchist lines, which means no political parties, no talk about reform or participation with the state. For more info on this assembly model see: From Movement To Space: the anarchist open assemblies.


Venue Info:

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Accomplices Not Allies: Abolishing the Ally Industrial Complex

Warrior Publications

Indigenous Action Media, May 4, 2014Accomplices not Allies graphic

This provocation is intended to intervene in some of the current tensions around solidarity/support work as the current trajectories are counter-liberatory from my perspective. Special thanks to DS in Phoenix for convos that lead to this ‘zine and all those who provided comments/questions/disagreements. Don’t construe this as being for “white young middle class allies”, just for paid activists, non-profits, or as a friend said, “downwardly-mobile anarchists or students.” There are many so-called “allies” in the migrant rights struggle who support “comprehensive immigration reform” which furthers militarization of Indigenous lands.

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Wet’suwet’en disagree about Pacific Trail Pipelines

Warrior Publications

Banners at the Wet'suwet'en's Unis'tot'en camp in the central interior region of 'BC', November 2012. Banners at the Wet’suwet’en’s Unis’tot’en camp in the central interior region of ‘BC’, November 2012.

by Carlito Pablo, The Georgia Straight, April 7, 2014

The Pacific Trail Pipelines project is pitting the Wet’suwet’en people against each other.

Some are opposed to a section of the 463-kilometre gas pipeline crossing their traditional territories in northwest B.C.

But others welcome the joint venture of Chevron Canada and Apache Canada Ltd. as a means to escape poverty.

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Anti-pipeline graffiti upsets Vancouver business owners

Warrior Publications

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Annoncing Beat the Pipelines May 1st!

Beat the Pipelines


We Can Beat the Pipelines!

May 1st – 7pm – Victory Square

May 1st (Mayday) has annually been a day for celebration of worker struggles around the world. It commemorates the hanging of eight Chicago anarchists in 1886 for their role as leaders in the struggle for the eight hour work day.

At one time they were in a life and death struggle with the bosses and the government, modern day labour organizations are now often the polar opposite. Business unions work hand in hand with capitalism and jockey for positions in resource extraction projects like tar sands pipelines, and spectacles like the Olympics. Meanwhile working conditions degrade, as do conditions in the lives of workers. The land is poisoned locally, while climate change causes drought and catastrophe around the world.

Labour unions are not alone though, environmental organizations too are tied into the workings and logic of…

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Mi’kmaq warrior charged with throwing Molotov cocktails during shale gas protest

Warrior Publications

Molotov cocktails thrown on Oct 17, 2013, during RCMP raid on anti-fracking blockade near Rexton, NB. Molotov cocktails thrown on Oct 17, 2013, during RCMP raid on anti-fracking blockade near Rexton, NB.

Global News/The Canadian Press, March 7, 2014

REXTON, N.B. – A 20-year-old Nova Scotia man has been charged with allegedly throwing Molotov cocktails at police during a shale gas protest in New Brunswick last fall that turned violent.

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38 Blood Alley March Event Schedule

38 Blood Alley Square

Monday 3rd & Thursday 6th 7:30pm-

Metropolis (2012) – Playing in two parts, everyone’s favorite 2.5 hour anarchist film about the Seattle metropolis. –

Friday, 7th & 21st-3-6pm By Donation Coffee Shop

No workers, no bosses, no customers. We serve ourselves, make coffee and invite each other to do the same, on the premises of mutual aid and good times. Bring donations of beans, tea, cream, and other goodies, or don’t. –

Wednesday, 12th-7pm- Sassersize

One part spandex-clad Jane Fonda workout tape you found in yer parents basement and one part giant fuck you to the fitness mega complex. This is a workshop to feel fab and shake yer bums/chins/belly rolls etc and have fun.

Friday, 14th- 7pm- Vancouver Wobby Meetup

– an injury to one is an injury to all, all welcome. (more info: vancouverwob.blogspot.ca/) –

Friday, 14th- 7pm-Vancouver Yippie

A presentation of anarchist history on Coast Salish Territories…

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Pacific Trail Pipelines: Overview and Resistance

Grassroots Rendering

This project was created to support the efforts of the Unist’ot’en Clan to oppose fracking and tarsands Pipeline development in Northern British Columbia.  3D Animations were created by generating terrain with real world height data, and by animating Industrial Abstraction and Forest Rendering Project features.

Full transcript with reference links posted bellow:

Recently, there has been wide spread resistance against Tarsands Expansion, especially In opposition to the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines.  The BC government is upholding the project on economic grounds, and the Canadian government is set to approve the Noerthern Gateway in June.

Enbridge anticipates its development to start  in early 2015.  But before then, the Pacific Trail Pipelines will be constructed, transporting fracked gas from British Columbia’s shale formations to numerous export terminals in Kitimat.


The Pacific Trail Pipelines, known as PTP, will literally carve a path through vast forests and  mountains, establishing maintenance roads along the route…

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