Letter from Fallon, anarchist comrade detained in Mexico

Letter from Fallon, anarchist comrade detained in Mexico

From Montreal Media Coop

Hello friends!

We are here together, us on this side and you maybe on the other side. To use the language of the state,  there’s years and kilometers that are going to separate us, but the thing we share is bigger than distances or time. The state thinks that it creates distance between us, but on the contrary, we’re going to be closer than ever before! Today is the 8th of January, we have been traveling between fuckin cop cars and provincial and federal detention centres for the past 60 hours, and even though they’ve decided that we will stay here for another 48 hours, they don’t have anything because silence is stronger than repression.

The most important thing right now is to build a force stronger than prisons. We have the context of building international relations. For me solidarity is friendship, I am not a victim or a political prisoner, I want to use the reality that we live now, to build a stronger, bigger friendship. I am ready to fight authority inside here, like on the outside and I’m never going to stop.

Prison is a normal reality and I will use this experience and I hope that you do too, in order to develop a stronger individual strength, that gets more powerful every day.

We are here and we are going to be here to confront both the reality of prison and the reality outside.

A great embrace to you all.

Against authority here and outside!



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