Donations Drop Off for the new anarchist space!

help set up the space by donating treasures 🙂


– 8:00pm
Wednesday December 18 2013

Venue: There Will Be Blood Alley
Address: 38 Blood Alley Square
Accessibility: Located at 38 Blood Alley Square, between Carrall and Abbott St on the ground floor. The cobbelstones surrounding the space might pose issues for those using wheelchair, however this can be mitigated if you approach from Abbott St. The bathroom is not wheelchair accessible but this will change within the next few months.

There Will Be Blood Alley (TWBBA), the newly open anarchist social space (as of december) is looking for supplies to help the space be more functionnal & welcoming…

We would be more than happy to receive :

  • cutlery, serving utensiles, kitchen knives, hot plates, a slow cooker, pots and pans, bowls, a coffe machine, tea pots, storage containers
  • bookshelves, shelving units, magazine stands, radical/anarchist books, a small table, a/some comfy chairs,
  • a mirror, carpets, curtains, lamps, ‘christmas’/string lights, candles, extension cords, tools, craft/art supplies
  • sound sytem/speakers/music player
  • surprises…

While donations drop off will be wednesday, if it isn’t working for you, you could also just bring something when coming to some of our other events or contact us through email for an arrangment.


We thank you so much for you generosity and support


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