Six RCMP Cars Destoryed By Rampaging Bad Ass

This is already sounding like a blockbuster movie in the in the making, stolen Jeep drives into a mall parking lot and heads directly into an unsuspecting cop car parked at the community policing center, then dashes out of the stolen vehicle  and into a five-tonne truck where he runs over five more cop cars and a city of Burnaby van. Brilliant!

Unfortunately the cops arrested the 38-year old Surrey bad ass for his courageous one-man rampage that destroyed six police cruisers and flooded the emergency room of Burnaby General Hospital. I guess he needed to cool off.

Excerpt from the Provence:

The suspect is believed to have driven a stolen Jeep from Surrey to the mall, where he then had an initial collision, hitting a police cruiser parked near the detachment’s community policing office.

The man then got out of the Jeep and managed to start up a five-tonne truck that was in the parking lot.

From there he ran into and over the six police vehicles and a van owned by the City of Burnaby.

“It is almost like right out of a movie,” said Burnaby RCMP Staff Sgt. Major John Buis as he looked over the six smashed RCMP cars and the Burnaby van.

“This is a very unique incident,” he added.

The man is alleged to have rammed the stolen truck into the police cruisers at 1:20 a.m. Sunday.

According to Buis, the man was apprehended after he tried to run from the scene after colliding with a hydro pole while in the truck.

Despite the loss six fully loaded police cruisers, Buis said day-to-day operations will not be impacted.

The suspect was taken into custody and charged with mischief and theft over $5,000.

Burnaby RCMP are also trying to determine exactly what happened at Burnaby General early Sunday.

A burst pipe flooded the emergency ward, forcing hospital staff to transfer patients to other parts of the facility.

Buis said the suspect was handcuffed when police took him from the truck crash, but when medical staff at Burnaby General went to check him, the cuffs were off.

“It was a split second and he was able to reach up and pull down the sprinkler system,” said Buis. He said the suspect was taken to Burnaby General to have a mental evaluation.

The emergency ward at BGH is open but hospital officials are asking people to use other hospitals if possible, until the problem is resolved. A hospital official said Sunday night the damage figure has yet to be determined.

The suspect in the cruiser crunch-up is well known to police for charges involving property, drugs and failure to comply.

Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan said he did not know the cost of the cruisers. There is insurance, Corrigan said, but it is unclear if the damage will be covered.

“You expect mental illness with something like this,” he said. “Obviously someone was seriously out of control.”

The man is also being investigated for damage to a sprinkler that caused a flood at the Fraser Health treatment facility in Surrey.”

They immediately think mental illness because only an insane person would target a bunch of cop cars. When he escaped from the cop car and pulled the alarm, maybe he thought they would evacuate and he could evade and tell his story. That really would sound live a movie. Shit, I would pay $14 bucks to see it.

This has happened before. In Vermont a tractor driving farmer ran over every car in the police station parking lot.

From Gawker:

Allegedly unhappy about being arrested recently on marijuana possession and resisting arrest charges, a Vermont farmer armed himself with a tractor and proceeded to flatten seven police cruisers in the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department parking lot.

With every last one of their cars squashed, deputies were unable to chase suspect Roger Pion, 34, down as he drove away. “We had nothing to pursue him with,” Chief Deputy Philip Brooks told the Associated Press.

Police in Newport eventually tracked Pion down and arrested him.

No injuries were reported, but the cruisers were totaled. “The radios are ruined, the radar detectors, the cages in the cars,” Sheriff Kirk Martin said. “We’re going to have to get the jaws of life up here to pry the trunks open and see about the rifles and shotguns.”

All told, Pion’s rampage caused some $300,000 in damage and took out half the department’s fleet. It is believed that he was mad about a recent arrest and harassment by the pigs.

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