This is a Lot Bigger Than Fracking in the Port of Olympia


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Text from a flier created about fracking in the Port of Olympia:

Fracking is the process of shooting a toxic cocktail of hundreds of chemicals into the ground to break it up and more easily extract natural gas. Fracking contaminates drinking water, forces people out of their homes, destroys the environment, and is being touted as an environmentally-friendly solution to keep this death machine called civilization alive in the era of peak oil.

Proppants, the solid material added to this chemical soup to keep fracking wells open, are shipped from China to the Port of Olympia, and then sent on trians to gas fields in North Dakota. We sit at a strategic chokepoint – action in Olympia could clog the proverbial arteries of capitalism.

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Rally In Solidairity With Elsipogtog

5:00pm – 7:00pmMonday December 2 2013

Venue: Main St and Hastings St
Address: Main Street at Hastings Street
Cost: Free
Accessibility: It is wheelchair accessible.

Students from the UBC Social Justice Centre are calling on EVERYONE to stand in solidarity with the land defenders in Elsipogtog. An injunction has been issued by the New Brunswick provincial court which effectively denies Elsipogtog and their supporters their right as Canadian citizens to protest. The RCMP are being used to protect private interests, using force to silence peaceful protests.

We will meet at the corner of Main and Hastings at 5pm on December 2nd. We will march to Waterfront station from there.

Dec.2 is when SWN is going back into court to file another injunction against the protectors in Kent County.
People from every nation are standing side by side our indigneous brothers and sisters. Bring out your drums and songs to show that all nations stand together against state brutality.
Nature is not an infinite resource.


Emergency Day of Action, Solidarity with Elsipogtog

Call out for solidarity actions and rallies on Dec 2, 2013

“We are not giving up despite these harsh weather conditions, sacrificing time with our families, our jobs, our homes, not only to protect land, water and people but to ensure a brighter future for the next 7 generations. We are asking for more support, through road blocks to be in solidarity. This is not just an Elsipogtog issue, this is a global issue and we need to raise awareness. Show us support any way possible, sending thank you’s, road blocks, banners, even dropping by, all and every type of support is appreciated.”

The 3rd encampment in Mi’kmaq Territory, at HWY 11, which saw stand off’s between the Mi’kmaq peoples protecting the water and RCMP protecting corporate interests, is requesting widespread global support.

The Provincial Court of New Brunswick has approved an injunction which names 5 people, including “Jane” and “John Doe”, to target the HWY 11 encampment. This encampment has successfully turned away SWN vehicles and is preventing SWN from conducting seismic testing on unceded Mi’kmaq lands. Each day that SWN cannot conduct its testing, it costs the company $54, 000. SWN is once again looking to the RCMP to enforce the injunction most recently granted. At this time, the RCMP have used the injunction to target the Mi’kmaq and have set up a “check point” on HWY 11, where the RCMP stop vehicles to arrest passengers and drivers at their whim.

We remember the last time the RCMP enforced an injunction against the Mi’kmaq people. As seen historically, the RCMP will continue to enforce the violation of treaties and attack Indigenous self-determination. At this time, the RCMP are not only harassing Mi’kmaq Land Defenders and non-Native supporters, but continuing to throw them in jail. On Thursday, November 28th the Mi’kmaq again turned SWN away – declaring another day of victory. They are standing up against brutal police repression, and continued theft of Indigenous lands and ongoing colonization. Show them they are not alone!

On Monday Dec. 2nd HWY 11 Land Defenders are asking you to show your solidarity by taking action in your community. Where possible, highway shutdowns are encouraged however any action of support, such as banner drops, are welcome. #ShutDownCanada

5 Years Since The Greek Insurrection

38 Blood Alley Square


December 6th, 7pm

38 Blood Alley Square

On the heels of the 2008 economic collapse, the killing of a fifteen year old kid by police in the anarchist stronghold of Exharchia in Athens, sparked an uprising that has inspired a generation of rebels throughout the world.

Join us for a night of short films and information to celebrate the insurrection of 2008 and to think of where things have gone since then.

Alexis Grigoropoulos RIP!

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Toronto G20: Arrest of bandana wearers subject of police tribunal

Warrior Publications

Mask my identity graphicDuring the Toronto G20 protests in June of 2010, police mass arrested over 1,000 people over the course of two days.  Most were held in cages at a prison facility established for the G20, and most were later released without charge.  A police tribunal is currently underway in Toronto for 30 officers charged under the Police Act for offenses ranging from wrongful arrest to unnecessary force.  The tribunal was established and is overseen by the Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD).

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Warrior Publications

by Reclaim Turtle Island, November 20, 2013New Brunswick Mi'kmaq free our warriors


Southeastern Regional Correctional Centre in so-called New Brunswick has just placed Germain “Junior” Breau, 22, into solitary confinement. This is part of the ongoing mistreatment of Indigenous peoples inside of the Prison Injustice System, and a slap in the face to Land Defenders and Warriors standing up for the peoples against fracking.

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Brazil: Black Bloc Introduction


From YouTube:

For those who do not understand why black bloc activists use militant tactics to destroy the property of corporations: black bloc activists are not protesters! They are not out there to protest! They are out there to carry out direct action against symbols and mechanisms of oppression. Their actions are aimed at causing material damage against oppressive institutions.

However, even more importantly, they act with performative intent so as to illustrate dramatically that people have the power even when they’re faced with the overwhelming force of a police state; that corporations and institutions are not as powerful as they would like to convince us, and when they try to deter us it’s really in our hands to resist.

Since they insist on attacking us, let us challenge authority and subvert the order and the laws. This does not mean that we should abandon ethics, humanity, or quit supporting one another. These are vital lessons that people should remember now more than ever. The police blatantly disregard the rights of human beings. To them, people are only a docile mass, easily controlled and manipulated.

Most would agree that those in Power should fear the people, and apparently they have lost this healthy fear; thus militant activism is the effort to keep this threat alive—because conducting sit-ins and waving placards never will.

The more we forget we hold the power to rebel against anyone who tries to dominate us, the more they dominate us.

Solidarity Fundraiser for Mi’kmaq Warriors Part II: Reportback from Elsipogtog

38 Blood Alley Square

We are very excited to announce a second part to our Mi’kmaq solidarity fundraiser, this time featuring a special guest!

Thursday November 28th, 6pm

38 Blood Alley Square, Occupied Coast Salish Territory (Vancouver)

Franklin Lopez of will be speaking of his experience at the frontlines of the October 17th RCMP raid on the Elsipogtog blockade!

All proceeds will go to the Mi’kmaq Warriors defense fund!!!!

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Call-out for Event Proposals For New Anarchist Space in Vancouver!!!

by ThereWillBeBloodAlley

This is a call-out for proposals for events at the new anarchist space-There Will Be Blood Alley (TWBBA).

Located in Blood Alley Square, Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territories. TWBBA is a project of local anarchists to create a space for the facilitation of struggle against domination, both locally and beyond.

We are interested in hearing proposals by people wishing to use the space for public events or projects.  They need not be explicitly anarchist so long as they enhance our capacity to realize ourselves on our own terms, without seeking permission or mediation with those in power.

Shoot us your ideas and proposals to . If you want to propose an event for December, send it in by the end of the month.

On Saturday November 23rd @ 6:30pm, we will be holding a fundraiser and awareness raising event for Mi’kmaq Warriors who are facing multiple charges from an October 17th RCMP raid on an anti-shale gas blockade in Elsipogtog, Mi’kmaq Territories (New Brunswick). Visit for the details.

December 1st will be the night of our opening party. More info will be announced soon!

See you in Blood Alley!

Space info:

Located at 38 Blood Alley Square, between Carrall and Abbott St on the ground floor.

The cobbelstones surrounding the space might pose issues for those using wheelchair, however this can be mitigated if you approach from Abbott St. The bathroom is not wheelchair accessible but this will change within the next few months.

Jeremy Hammond Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison

by Natasha Lennard / Salon

 Jeremy Hammond sketched by Molly Crabapple

Jeremy Hammond sketched by Molly Crabapple

I’m finding this post hard to type; my fingers are trembling, my pulse is racing. I’m furious. Just minutes ago hacktivist Jeremy Hammond learned his fate in a Manhattan federal court. Ten years in prison, for taking part in a hack that revealed some of the shadiest aspects of the corporate intelligence industry.

The 28-year-old pleaded guilty earlier this year to participating in the Anonymous hack of the private intelligence firm Strategic Forecasting (Stratfor). Hammond, a longtime Chicago political activist, garnered no personal financial gain from the hack; he has consistently maintained that he acted in what he believed to be the public interest. The revelations of the Stratfor hack uphold his claim: It is indeed in the public interest to know that Dow Chemicals paid a private security firm to follow and low-level harass individuals fighting for recognition and restitution for the Bhopal disaster; it is of public interest too that the Coca Cola company employed Stratfor to spy on PETA activists, that the Department of Homeland Security used the firm to spy on Occupy activities. These details all came out of the Stratfor hack. Our context is such that the intelligence firm’s activity is supported and upheld by the law, Hammond’s work to reveal it is punished with a ten year sentence.

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Political Prisoner Birthday Poster For November/December 2013 Is Now Available

Hello Friends and Comrades,

1) Here is the extremely late political prisoner birthday poster for November and December. As always, please post this poster publicly and/or use it to start a card writing night of your own. FYI, the graphic on the poster this month is a picture of a Russian activist who nailed his testicles to the ground at Red Square to protest the extension of the prison further into all parts of society.

Some News And Updates:

2) As most of you already know Herman Wallace passed away on October 4th after enduring 42 years of solitary confinement. Here is his obituary as well as pictures of a couple of public remembrances for Herman in North Carolina.

3) The Final Straw, an Asheville, North Carolina based podcast, has been putting out a lot of great episodes on anti-prison struggles. Here are links to episodes on the Lucasville Uprising, Red Bird Abolition, and Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain.

4) The “Move Marie” campaign to have Earth Liberation Front prisoner Marie  Mason moved from her special isolation unit is still underway! More information on the campaign is available here.

5) 4strugglemag needs your help fundraising to send Issue 23 to prison readers. The magazine edited by prisoner of war Jaan Laaman has been a voice for prisoners and their supporters for ten years.They send free copies of each issue to 700 prisoners across North America, and reach many hundreds more through shared copies. Go here to find out how to help make the next issue happen.

6) Sekou Cinque T. M. Kambui (S/N William J. Turk) has requested a letter-writing campaign asserting his innocence in preparation for his upcoming parole hearing, which could be held as early as February of 2014. He was accused of murdering a wealthy white oil-man and a KKK member in Alabama.

Send Letters To:
Offices of Chestnut, Sanders, Sanders, Pettaway & Campbell, L.L.C.
Attn. Attorney Faya Ora Rose Toure
1 Union St.
P.O. Box 1290
Selma, AL

7) Lastly, here is a link to the latest Political Prisoner/Prisoner Of War every-other week update by the  NYC-Anarchist Black Cross. There are lots of important updates on many political prisoners.

Until Every Cage Is Empty,

The Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective