Overview of RCMP deployment against Mi’kmaq blockade, Oct 17, 2013

Warrior Publications

by Zig Zag, Warrior Publications, Oct 22, 2013

There has been a lot of speculation and misinformation concerning the deployment of RCMP officers during the assault on the anti-fracking blockade in Rexton, New Brunswick (in Mi’kmaq territory) on Oct 17, 2013.  So much, in fact, that I have been inspired to provide this brief overview of the RCMP deployment, units, weaponry, and tactics.

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Brazils Teachers Union Officially Declares Unconditional Support for Black Bloc

From Revolution News

Translated From O Dia Rio – The State Union of Education Professionals (Sepe) stated during assembly on Wednesday, unconditional support for the Black Blocs with respect to clashes with police occurred at the protest Monday. Was no vote on the matter during the meeting at the Municipal Club in Tijuca, Rio’s North Zone, which also defined the strike continuity of the category.

Many teachers say they have been protected by masked the excesses committed by the police and, in addition, they would have done first aid to people injured during the confusion around the Town Hall.

“Manifestations of education professionals continue to be organized by Sepe, but the Black Blocs are always welcome. Sepe What can not be responsible for prior acts, but the protests of the teachers were not causing conflicts but the Black Blocs the police, “said the general coordinator Alex Sepe Trentino.

The report said that the DIA admiration of teachers by masked youths is evident in this fourth edition. In groups of teachers and other servers formed on Facebook, were posted since the beginning of the month phrases like “Black Blocs, admire you,” “Congratulations to the Warriors Black Blocs”, “Black Bloc is my friend. Moved with him, touched me. “ A woman who identified herself as the teacher classified as “young fearless.” Another, more direct, called them “cute”.

About 5000 teachers attended the meeting and, soon after, came out in march toward New Town. During the meeting, there was still a clarification on outbound requests the Secretary of Education Claudia Costin. According to the union, the screams “Outside, Costin” does not constitute a condition for ending the strike, are just seen as a way to express disagreement with the current policy of the municipality for education.

“The mayor Eduardo Paes said no negotiating with Sepe. This only diminishes the spirit of consensus and increases war between the two sides, which to me should not exist,” said Rep. Marcelo Ash (PSOL), who attended the meeting on Wednesday.

Judge Debra Nalin, the 5th of Treasury may decide on Wednesday for granting or not the injunction to suspend the session that approved the plan Positions, Careers and Salaries of municipal teachers, last Tuesday, the House Municipal.

The Magistrate ruled on Tuesday night that President House, Alderman Jorge Felippe (PMDB), manifest within 48 hours of the sessions. After receiving the information, the judge will consider whether to grant the injunction.

The writ of mandamus with the request was made by councilors Athayde Renato Silva, Eliomar de Souza Coelho, Paulo Pinheiro, Reimont Luiz Otoni Santa Barbara, Brizola, Davidson Jefferson Dias de Moura, Marcio Barreto dos Santos Garcia, Maria Teresa and Veronica Bergher Keys Oak Costa.

In the lawsuit, lawmakers argue that the right to due process of law would have been “violated by reason of tumult, lack of security of councilors and employees of the Legislature and the prevention of public access to sessions that occurred in the City Hall on the date of approval of plan “. According to the councilors, the meeting of the Thematic laws, in principle, should be open to the public, which did not occur with the three sessions questioned.

The group also questions the distribution of passwords so that councilors could invite a person to monitor the vote. In the process, the councilors allege further that the Municipal Organic Law expressly prohibits the holding of secret sessions.

Reportage: Gabriel Savoie

Brazil: Introduction to Black Bloc


For those who do not understand why black bloc activists use militant tactics to destroy the property of corporations: black bloc activists are not protesters! They are not out there to protest! They are out there to carry out direct action against symbols and mechanisms of oppression. Their actions are aimed at causing material damage against oppressive institutions.

However, even more importantly, they act with performative intent so as to illustrate dramatically that people have the power even when they’re faced with the overwhelming force of a police state; that corporations and institutions are not as powerful as they would like to convince us, and when they try to deter us it’s really in our hands to resist.

Since they insist on attacking us, let us challenge authority and subvert the order and the laws. This does not mean that we should abandon ethics, humanity, or quit supporting one another. These are vital lessons that people should remember now more than ever. The police blatantly disregard the rights of human beings. To them, people are only a docile mass, easily controlled and manipulated.

Most would agree that those in Power should fear the people, and apparently they have lost this healthy fear; thus militant activism is the effort to keep this threat alive—because conducting sit-ins and waving placards never will.

The more we forget we hold the power to rebel against anyone who tries to dominate us, the more they dominate us.

Political Prisoner Birthday Poster For October 2013 Is Now Available

Prison Books Collective

halloweenHello Friends and Comrades,

1) We have two versions of the political prisoner birthday poster for October.  Here is one version as well as an extra spooky negative image one for Halloween. As always, please post this poster publicly and/or use it to start a card writing night of your own.

Some News And Updates:

2) Jorge Cornell, whose birthday was last month, was transferred two weeks ago. If your birthday card for him was returned, please resend it to this address:

 Jorge P. Cornell #28152-057
P.O. BOX 1000

3) Political prisoner Herman Wallace of the Angola 3 has been given less than 2 months to live and he’s now on hospice care inside the prison. He, along with one other person, has been in solitary confinement for the past 41 years. He wrote this heart wrenching statement recently and there’s some petitions folks can…

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Luke has been Indicted

Support Luke!

The Fulton County Superior Court has indicted Luke. This means that the DA is pursuing prosecution. Luke’s lawyer appeared in court on the 27th of august for arraignment and submitted a not guilty plea. Because the case is going to trial Luke is going to have significantly more legal fees. It is yet unclear what those will look like but every bit helps. We are also asking that people call the DA’s office to demand the charges on Luke be dropped:  (404) 612-4981. As of yet we are largely in the dark about what is happening and what will happen but we will keep you updated as we find out.


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