October 25- International Kick Off to Move Marie Mason Campaign

Free Marius Mason

 In 2009, environmental activist and community organizer Marie Mason was sentenced to almost 22 years in prison for the arson of an office which housed genetically modified organism (GMO) research and for the destruction of logging equipment.  Marie is now serving the longest sentence of any activist in the U.S. for environmental direct action.  Her sentence is part of a larger crackdown by the state on environmental activists, which has come to be known as the Green Scare.  The Green Scare, much like the Red Scare and COINTELPRO, targets people for their politics.  The government’s use of tactics such as entrapment, the spread of disinformation by paid informants, media smear campaigns, trumped up charges, and harsh prison sentences are all too familiar to folks who know their history.
Marie’s persecution has continued throughout her sentence.  Without notice or cause, Marie was transferred from the low security FCI Waseca Prison to the notorious FMC Carswell.  Over a thousand miles from friends and family, Marie is cut off from the general prison population, in…

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