Call for Anarchist Participation at March for Monsanto and Response to Delusional National Statement

The March Against Monsanto is obviously not the lynch pin that holds together the rotten corpse of capitalism, it isn’t even the new Occupy or the next big thing. Although, anyone who may be paying attention knows that we are not far from the time where anti-authoritarian action will be necessary on a large scale. That the state has continually attacked, even at a time of lessened organizing shows that they are serious about dampening our ability to hinder their continuing efforts. They do not want another Occupy with the large amount of people radicalized from the last round.

Anarchist Participation

With that said, next Saturday around the globe there will be marches opposing Monsanto. This statement is being written to respond to the organizing already taking place and as a call for greater anarchist and radical participation. This is not intended to spell out why Monsanto as a capitalist institution is bad, we already know that. It is intended to state that these marches seem to be drawing greater interest than your every day single issue demonstration. And that as a one off event in a time of lighter organizing there is good reason to push our own ideas, draw in more people and get greater experience while promoting cohesion for the next big task we collectively face.

The intention is not to seem like there is no anarchist participation already, there is clearly some including collectives across the states that are organizing the demonstrations and remaining Occupy groups involved. That said, there is obviously massive liberal involvement in this with elements probably funded part way by partisan non-profits and parties. This means, if there is no anarchist message such as land should be free, food should be free, no GMOS no capitalism there will simply be, no radical pole at these demonstrations. At the very least, we should offer an alternative for those who will be interested in it.

Organizing Body Statement 5/17

With liberal participation we generally know what to expect, although the statement from the national organizing committee should be brought to light. It may be a symptom of the left liberal position under an Obama presidency or the lingering feeling that they have no on the ground support any longer. On a more serious note it could be a push from the state in order to drive out any radical elements or messaging, this isn’t crazy considering they have been doing it everywhere post occupy, it is just part of the repression we face.

The statement literally, without any irony mentions the word “violence” 8 times for example

“We would like to remind everyone that MAM does not support violence or aggression towards property or people. Violence will only set us back. Please be clear this movement is non-violent. We want the world to hear us. We must behave like adults not stoop to the level of violence.”

Apparently they didn’t get the memo that violent protest in the United States hardly exists, and when there is violence the police are the perpetrators. And of course, in a very concerning fashion they remind us to behave like adults because of course the protesters, who were beaten on TV only two years ago at Occupy events are the violent children.

It gets worse, within the same two paragraphs they write

“They would use this as propaganda to discredit the movement and label us as eco-terrorists. ”

And then

“Please be warned if you are an instigator you will not be tolerated at our march and we our organizers will ask you to stop or leave. If you continue we ourselves will politely and calmly ask a Police officer to remove you.”

So on one hand, these people are OK with state and capitals narrative of “eco-terrorism,” how incredibly reactionary is that? And if you are aggressive they will turn you into your local police in the communities which they decide to have their marches. You can find the link at the bottom of this article if you want to respond, they also claim that “being aggressive towards politicians” will not be

What shouldn’t be tolerated is the greenwashing, co-opting and threats against people at every one of these marches. They do not want a radical message there, if you are a group or individual already participating or thinking about it, consider releasing a statement of your intention on Monday. It may even be a good idea to call an open action meeting to discuss these events and issues prior to Saturday.

Vancouver ( Coast Salish Territory)

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