some tips and hints from an autonomous resister

From: PSA

Hello friends!
I know there have been several posts already pertaining to black bloc styled tactics, but I’d thought I’d throw out some friendly words of advise.
When blocing up or deblocing in a huddle I’d suggest using something to cover the top of the huddle.

Below is the URL of a video that shows pretty clearly why that might be important.

You can also get snatched if you’re walking alone in bloc and I’ve seen people get conspiracy charges, but this doesn’t happen often due to political fallout.

Another pressing issue I’d like to address is the use of bandannas. Of course achieve complete anonymity is virtually impossible, but a bandanna alone certainly will not do what a lot of people think it will. Especially if you take it off at any point during the day in plane sight.

Let’s say your at an action and your wearing a bandanna and some nondescript clothes. That’s all fine and dandy, but then let’s say you want to do some smashy smashy and then let’s say earlier you had taken the bandanna off to drink water or something. Maybe you didn’t see the camera filming you when you chugged that mountain dew with your bandanna off, but the camera got a glimpse of your face none the less. Hell, this might not even be that big of a deal as long as you get rid of the clothes you were wearing that day and change your hair up a bit. If you find yourself in this situation don’t freak out. Alter your appearance a bit(or don’t if you don’t look like Sid Vicious or something), or if you live somewhere out of the jurisdiction of the department investigating you could be fine if you cover your bases and aren’t in any news stories and don’t have your picture on some radical website or whatever.

For my standards a bandanna alone doesn’t cut it, but maybe a bandanna and a hoodie with an underlayer of clothes does. Honestly there’s a lot you can do to make it way harder for the authorities to figure out who the fuck you are, but don’t over or under estimate them. Play it a bit safe, but if you’ve already fucked up don’t over stress it, just be mindful of it and take some precautions.

Some people can pull off a hat and sunglasses some people can’t especially in a street battle or smashy smashy scenario. Remember the authorities go after the easy targets or the targets that have the most potential to increase rupture, but they also don’t want to arrest loads of anarchists and the like due to the inevitable ruptures that would happen within the prisons. However we are supposedly a leaderless resistance, so more often than not they’ll just go after the easy targets. So don’t be an easy target. Most importantly though, be in solidarity with those who do fuck up. We’ve all fucked up, there is no perfect way to do shit. I’ve seen people in the best blocing conditions get fucked later for bullshit and I’ve seen people without even a hat on their head nor a piece of black clothing dearrest people without the slightest slap on the wrist.

What are some more tips…hmm…that foam cushion stuff on ski-goggles melts when it comes into contact with pepper-spray…the only constant in life is change…dresses fit under most outfits…plywood, rope, and soft cushion type materials make good shields…phalanxes and the like are more easily broken when you surround them or come at them from behind…move like water…people are usually scared of fire…we can do so many things our enemies can’t and we will always have a leg up on them tactically and strategically speaking if not materially speaking…smoke blocks teargas…things are harder to move when they’re on fire…news crews are just cops with cameras…looting is fun…build attack communes…organize the alcoholics…t-shirts make great masks…stacked newspaper boxes are harder to move…you don’t need a march to have a bloc party…DGR is basically a green RCP…the violent revolt of oppressed people is always in the category of self defense, but that does not mean it cannot take offensive forms…use startpage to look up shit on the internet…shattered storefront windows make for better doors than that storefront doors, but storefront doors are more expensive…you can be a source of inspiration…there is no after the revolution…


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