Raven Coal Mine Proposal Rejected!

From: BCBlackout

A letter to John Tapics, Compliance Energy CEO, from the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office (BCEAO), says the 12,000-page application for the Raven Coal Mine, is missing information. The BCEAO “has determined that the application does not contain the required information and has decided not to accept the application for detailed review,” it says. The letter is accompanied by 114 pages identifying areas not adequately addressed.

We can’t say how long it will take Compliance to re-submit their application (it could be a couple weeks or it could be a year). WHEN they do it will be 210 days before the process ends. This means, at the very earliest Raven Coal construction won’t start until late February 2014 if everything goes smoothly for them. This has definitely struck another major blow to the project and it is a time for celebration. But as they have already sunk millions into this project and they have so many millions to be made we should certainly not assume this struggle is over.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts on this site. In the mean time you can read BCEAO letters, corporate media and other articles pouring in at coalwatch.ca


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