Vancouver May Day Report Back

On May 1st, 2013 Coast Salish Territory (Vancouver) over 100 people gathered, some in Black Bloc, some masked, and some not, at Victory Square to join a widely called anti-capitalist/anti-colonial march to celebrate May Day. It was centered on the Grand Jury Resisters and the ongoing gentrification of our neighborhoods, particularly the downtown eastside.

Banners were unfolded expressing queer insurrection and hate for the state, capitalism and yuppies. (“Rich Scum Beware, CLASS WAR.” “These Faggots Fuck The State” and “Mayday Means Attack” etc). A few comrades spoke at the square, including one militant who expressed hatred for the state in a vitriolic speech. The militant expressed solidarity with Bangladesh workers, hunger strikers from Guantanamo may and the Grand Jury resisters.

After the speech, music was cranked to the max and torches were lit followed by cheers from the crowd. During the commotion, someone tagged ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards) on the cement at the square. We then quickly took off east on Hastings, taking up all 6 lanes chanting “Whose Streets? Our Streets!” Yuppie business owners quickly grabbed their signs and locked their doors. These yuppies even called 911 where they were told to stay inside and lock their doors. We proudly chanted “FUCK THE POLICE” and “No Yuppies on Stolen Native Land”. The police presence was minimal at first, but when we took a turn toward Pidgin, which has been ground zero for the class war, 10 pigs on bikes showed their love for the rich, blockading the door, and prevented any damage. This however, did not stop a paint bomb from being thrown. People also chanted “1. 2. 3. 4. This Is Fucking Class War. 5. 6. 7. 8. Organize and Smash The State.”

At this point a Riot Squad (Public Safety Unit) was deployed raising the amount of cops to around 30. Marchers with flagpoles and banners prevented the cops from entering the demo while others hurled insults at the pathetic police. Cones and other traffic signs were also tossed into the street. A bike cop decided to bring out his phone to take pictures of the demo. A few second later the dumb pig ran into a tree, and laughter reverberated off the ugly buildings. Even the militant ones chortled.

As the march proceeded down Main street marchers expressed rage for condo development on the Keefer block which has been tagged many times with “gentriFUCKation” and circle A’s. The police attempted a kettle at one point, but the march broke through before they were able to fully surround us and we continued on our planned route, to their dismay. We then decided to disperse at Main and Terminal. The police presence at this point was over 50.  Marchers were slow to disperse causing some to be singled out once they were out of the park. One comrade left with the sound system and ended up getting hassled by a bike cop. This person defiantly did not give any info to the pig. Once they tried to leave the cop grabed onto the bike trailer. Then the person unlatched the trailer from his bike and escaped to safety. You may have our sound system but all our comrades are safe and free. We learned how many pigs it takes to serve 3 jaywalking tickets: 50. No charges or arrests were made.

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